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Focus, Information and Courses of the Secondary Specialization

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4DS Demography and Social Analysis

Guarantor: doc. Ing. Jitka Langhamrová, CSc., Department of Demography


The aim of the minor subjects is to gain knowledge of the laws and empirical facts of demographic and social developments, and selected methods of working with numerical data from this thought-provoking and important area of social life.

The scope of specialisation is thus based on a wide-ranging area of social issues defined:

  1. in sectoral manner by such sectors as education, health care, culture,
  2. by problems by such areas as standard of living, consumption, criminality, social pathology.

Knowledge of relevant methods and facts as well as the ability of their applications is a prerequisite for qualified work of an economist in these spheres of activity

Prerequisites for graduates work in practice: Candidates’ prospects for work in practice are good, because the broad socio-economic area lacks specialists trained in the basic discipline, who also have a good ability to employ quantitative methods focused on population and social development in the sphere of their interest.

Conditions for choosing a minor subject:

Specialisation is FORBIDDEN to undergraduate students of the master’s course ED-Economic Demography.

Capacity per semester:


Requirements for passing: