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Field of study: Economic Demography and Study Plan

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The contents of this field of study are advanced demographic and statistical methods and models and their use in evaluating data on the population and the economic situation and addressing practical issues at various levels of management of the economy and society, at regional, national and international level. The students will be well acquainted with the demographic aspects of social and economic development and population status as consumer and as creator of products and services. Attention will be paid to the issue of human capital and its measurement and related issues of the economy, education and health care.

The graduates will be interdisciplinary educated professionals and their potential work is in creating of population forecasts at all levels of state and local government, the state statistical service, in the private sector (business demography, market research, promotion), in the economic sphere (analysis of the consequences of an ageing workforce, the economic context of migration, analysis of unemployment), in the social sphere (formulating concepts of social policy with regard to the continued ageing of the population), health care (health prevention, health statistics, analysis of mortality and causes of death), the scientific and educational area (possibility of continuing doctoral studies), or in research departments specialising in the population and its ties to the economic, social, and health sectors.