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 Mentor Author
 doc. Langhamrová Mgr. Ing. Martina Miskolczi, MBA Multi-state analysis of unemployment and other statistical methods
 doc. Langhamrová Ing. Martina Šimková Demographic ageing and its socioeconomic implications
 doc. Langhamrová Ing. Ondřej Šimpach Modern methods of demographic projections
doc. Langhamrová Ing. Petra Dotlačilová Modelling mortality in selected European union countries
doc. Langhamrová Ing. Kornélia Cséfalvaiová Changes in population age structure and their consequences
doc. Průša Ing. Michaela Antovová The impact of demographic, economic and social factors on suicide rates  in the Czech Republic
doc. Průša Ing. Simona Fučíková Relationship between recent demographic trends in the Czech Republic and school results of Czech pupils.
doc. Průša Ing. Jan Říha Applying multi-state demographic analysis on nuptiality patterns in selected European countries
doc. Průša Ing. Bohdana Holá Potential of indirect estimation methods for analyzing Roma population